Sunday, December 28, 2008

25th Wedding Anniversary Getaway

Jeni and I are at a luxurious island resort in Malaysia called Pangkor Laut. Our wedding anniversary is January 4th, but we're celebrating early because that's when rooms were available here. It's a five-star resort on a small private island. "One island, one resort," they say. Beautiful setting. Superb service. Ideal for marking our 25th year together, and for making memories that will last a lifetime -- all in a four-day, three night getaway.

Last night I surprised Jeni with a romantic dinner by candlelight on a private pavillion, our own personal server, a troupe of three singing musicians and, with dessert and a dozen roses, a diamond ring delivered by the server. It 'replaces' the original engagement ring when I couldn't afford much. Jeni was completely surprised, elated, and tearful. Yes! It was a success.

Tomorrow it's back to KL, back to work, and back to routines, but these few days and nights have been wonderful; and we are so grateful! Grateful also for 25 years of partnership in marriage, parenting, and ministry.

Here is a Facebook photo album of our time away. Abby has requested a picture of the ring. It's coming soon, Abby. :-)
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