Monday, January 05, 2009

Bridge Bible Reading Blog

As a church, The Bridge is reading the Gospel of Mark together over the next five weeks. The reading plan is posted on a new blog at this address: (Just click and go if you like.) Thanks to our Church Elder, Nathan Kavumbura, for the idea and the set up of the blog. Readers can leave insights, questions, and comments after the daily Scripture postings.

Soon we'll have a link from our church web site as well. Thanks to Nathan's brother, Tinashe, in Zimbabwe for redesigning our church web site, This thing is truly a world wide web!

Pastor Chris and I will be taking our Sunday sermon texts from one of the daily readings the week before our messages. This way, hopefully, we are all reading, studying and learning from Mark's Gospel at the same time. It's a unity thing.

God bless you daily with delight and direction as you study His Word.


Sharon Robert said...

Hello Rev Todd,
I am Sharon Robert. I am looking for a Christian Singles Fellowship and Bible Study to join in Kuala Lumpur.
I came across this church on the Internet.

I don't know how important these details are to you, but i am a Freelance IT Trainer, a single Indian girl and 34 years old.
I was born a Methodist in Klang, then my secondary year i moved on to Kuala Lumpur to an AOG church and after 11 years, i moved to Puchong where am currently staying(sometimes i do put up with my sister who is married in Ampang, Taman Kosas) and we attend an Anglican Contemporary service in Petaling Jaya for about 4 years now.

I have been baptised in 1992(water baptism - immersion) and confirmed in 2007 and i speak in tongues.

I am looking for a Christian Singles Fellowship and maybe weekday Bible Studies, because i am free most of the weekdays when am not conducting training.

Would you kindly furnish me the details on how to join this group. Thank you.

"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life". Proverbs 4:23

In Him,
Sharon Robert

David said...

Are you still in KL? Please contact me at my email address,, if you see this message. I am interested in knowing more about the Bridge International Church, especially with regard to their current pastor search. Thanks.

David Baynes