Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some readers have followed my Facebook updates about the need for a miracle in Mosul. I'm giving a bit more of the details here.

Many of us prayed, and God answered with a great result! This week in Mosul, Iraq, our friend, Manhal, who visited us here in July, was released by his captors unharmed. There was a reduced amount of ransom paid by a friend and a family member. I got word Wednesday night from an Iraqi friend in KL that Manhal was home safe.

Then an hour later, I got a text message from Manhal. I called him right away and we talked almost 30 minutes. He was so grateful for our concern and prayers. His wife had showed him my text messages on her phone -- messages that told her of our prayer support for both of them and that included some Scriptures to encourage her.

Here's what I learned of the kidnapping... While in a taxi about two weeks ago, Manhal was stopped by a group of seven men carrying Kalishnikov guns and ordered to get out and come with them. They kept him for 12 days, giving him one glass of water per day, and minimal food. When contacted, his father refused to pay anything for his release. In the second week of Manhal's captivity, his wife despaired of ever seeing him alive again, due in part to the high amount of ransom demanded. I also received an email from the terrorists with two photos attached of Manhal kneeling and blindfolded between two of the masked abductors. One held a gun to his head, the other held a knife. The one-line message predicted his death "in a few days". No demands were mentioned. Then, I later discovered, a friend of his and a brother-in-law each sold their cars and put the money together to pay a reduced amount of ransom. The kidnappers released Manhal the next day.

Please continue to pray that Manhal, his wife, and their children make it safely to a new place outside of Mosul in Kurdistan. He will need a job. It will be interesting to see what God will provide.

Thanks so much to all who prayed. Praise God for giving our brother a new lease on life!

If you'd like a few photos so you can see whom you're praying for, let me know and I can send them to you by email.

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