Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fireproof, the Movie Trailer

FIREPROOF, from the creators of FACING THE GIANTS, is about the failing-but-rescued marriage of a fire-fighter (Kirk Cameron) and his wife. It opens September 26 in theaters across America. My favorite line: "Never leave your partner behind."

Many readers will know that these two films were created by Sherwood Pictures, the movie-making ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, USA. The first movie they made is called FLYWHEEL. You can find clips from all three movies on

In Malaysia we look forward to the eventual distribution of FIREPROOF on DVD as we're not likely to get the movie in theaters. (AMAZING GRACE, the story of English Christian abolitionist William Wilburforce, did have a short run.)

FIREPROOF will be a good ministry tool for marriage enrichment, just as FACING THE GIANTS was faith-inspiring.

Here's the trailer for FIREPROOF...


Nathan T. Kavumbura said...

Facing the Giants was just brilliant, I cant wait to watch Fireproof. I will be on the lookout for the DVD release in Malaysia.

Gina said...

Hi Todd and Jenny,
I ran across your blog after checkng Sugars that lead me to CJ's random thoughts ( we all know CJ dont have random thoughts :))
and I just wonted to say Hi and glad is well with you guys. You have and will always have a special place in my heart. As soon as i figue out how to add you to my blog, I will be checking in with you and keeping track of you guys. Hugs and kisses.

patrick said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... the over all message was solid for sure; it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen

Peng said...

Hello Mr. & Mrs. Nelson,

My name is Anne Oklahoma. I just watched Fireproof tonight and it was a great movie. I wanted to mail a copy to my sister-in-law who live in Kuala Lumpur. Do you know a store in Malaysia that has a website where I can order the DVD and mail to her? I hope this is not too much trouble for you.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

Todd Nelson said...

Dear Peng,

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. I was traveling recently from the US back to Malaysia.

Here is a Malaysian Christian bookstore from which you can order "Fireproof". Or your sister-in-law can walk in and buy the DVD. The shop is in Petaling Jaya, a suburb of KL.

Hope the film helps her marriage.

Todd Nelson