Monday, July 16, 2007

Alpha Weekend Away -- God's Spirit Visits Us

I just returned today from our Alpha Weekend Away in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. In the middle of our eleven-week course, 26 of us went up for a weekend of fellowship, fun, food, and learning. The three teaching sessions were centered on the person and work of the Holy Spirit -- the Spirit of Jesus. And He visited us in wonderful ways today. After the morning session, entitled, “How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?”, several people made professions of faith in Jesus, and others were convicted by the Word of God causing them to confess and to ask to be forgiven, filled, and empowered by the Spirit of God. And He was faithful to meet with us. There were many tears shed, inner wounds healed, and some prodigals found the love of the Father. Praise His Name!

It was truly an international gathering. Ten countries were represented, including a few from “restricted access” nations. For the sake of their security, I won’t mention names or countries.

I will, however, thank God for our Alpha Team: Derrick (ministry leader), Michelle, Ivy, Chwan Keng, Immanuel, Musa, Ian; and small group leaders/helpers this time: Don, Kurt, Amir, and Mahamoud. Other helpers have been, and were for this weekend, Martin and Irene. Up until recently, our scrumptious dinners were faithfully provided by Wai Song and Christine; now Chris and Winnie are handling the catering. God bless you all!

This is our ninth course in three and a half years. These folks, and others before them, have worked hard and patiently as volunteers for the joy of seeing people come to faith in Jesus and experience the fullness of His Spirit. Several new believers from Alpha have moved on to other countries because of jobs or studies; some have continued to work with us in Alpha as helpers and leaders; and other new believers are serving now at The Bridge in other capacities.

Every time, the weekend away strengthens ties of friendship in the group -- even when some participants do not yet come to faith. We grow closer together, and the Lord keeps working to draw people to Himself. And every Alpha Weekend, He answers our prayers for the pouring out of His Spirit on believers and seekers. What a loving, faithful God we serve!

If you'd like a report on the fun stuff -- the entertainment night -- I bet Immanuel and Musa will have something on their blogs. It was a great time of good, clean fun, MC'd by Mahamoud! :-)

P.S. (16 July) Now Immanuael has a post up, and a photo; but Musa's down with a sore throat. :-( Praying you'll be well soon, brother!


Jeffcoat House said...

That is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you were quick!

Indeed, I just wrote short report on the entertainment night and posted a group photo of ourselves.

Thank you for your pastoring work with us and still very glad how the Holy Spirit works amongst us! Will continue support in prayers.

Todd Nelson said...


I love the photo on your blog! Mind if I borrow it for mine?

BTW, you guna banyak bahasa campur in your posts, uh?! My American readers won't understand! :-) (--all 4 or 5 of them, anyway.) Even I have to look up some words in my Malay-English dictionary. But saya cakap bahasa sikit-sikit sahajah. :-(

Just kidding! Love ya, little brother!

Anonymous said...

sure can, I will send you a copy of that photo.

Musa said...

sorry, unable to do any posting, I take Medical leave today.. soar troat attact! Nothing to worry about. Be back to work tommorow.

Thanks again for a great Alpha weekeend Pastor Todd.

Todd Nelson said...

Musa, get well soon!

Immanuel, thanks for the photo in high res by email!

Anonymous said...

It is great to read about the awesome Alpha weekend. Can't wait to get back to KL.