Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Graduation Announcement

Abigail Lynn Nelson

After eight years of schooling in Malaysia at The International School of Kuala Lumpur, Abby will graduate from high school on June 1, 2007 near the top of her class. (Proud parents must mention her SAT score of 2100, 4 point something GPA, plus participation in wind ensemble [clarinet], Tri-M, NHS, peer helpers, varsity girls basketball and softball -- and the worship ministry at chur
ch!) She plans to start at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL in August (seuniversity.edu), and she’s planning to major in English and Intercultural Studies which includes the equivalent of a minor in Bible. This major equips the graduate to teach English at the high school level and English as a Second Language in cross-cultural settings. Did I mention we're proud of Abby? We're proud of both our daughters. (Sarah has only two more years to go in high school and is also doing very well.) We are so blessed!

Abby would love to hear from friends, family, and well-wishers! You could comment here and she can read 'em, or I'll pass 'em on. Thanks!


Musa said...

Dear Abby,

CONGRATULATION! CONGRATULATION! CONGRATULATION!! Thats a very high SAT score.. Very impressive. According to Wikipedia, in 1995, only 7 out of a million test-taker score above 1580!! and you score 2100! You are super-duper bright-clever girl! You go girl! ;) hehehe

Praise the Lord!
Happy graduation!

We are sooo proud of you too...

Todd Nelson said...

Thanks, Musa. I'll pass the comment on to Abby.

BTW, the new SAT has an extra essay section. So Abby's 2100 score is out of a total possible 2400, which is still super! I think Abby's score on the original two sections was 1360, if I remember correctly.

Also BTW, who is that young skinny guy in the picture next to your name? :-)

Musa said...

Pr. Todd, thats me... say 8-7 years back?.. hehehe..

A friend who introduce me to blogging have that picture me, and she put that picture.. I don't know how to change it.

Todd Nelson said...

Ok, mystery solved about the photo. :-) And IF you want to change it, I can show you how...

I learned last night that Abby's scores on the SAT were 710 on the verbal, and 690 on the math, for a total of 1400 on the two "old" parts of the SAT. (Better than I did 28 years ago!) Plus a 700 on the essay.

Musa said...

I tried... end up no pic...hehehe

Gene Brooks said...

Congratulations Abby! You have grown into such a beautiful young woman. Have a wonderful graduation and make your dad take you out to an expensive place to eat.

Much love,
Gene, Amanda, Rachel, Luke Brooks

Jonathan said...

Hey Todd,

This is Jonathan over from "World of Faith."

Congratulations on Abby's graduation. She's headed to Southeastern University. Interesting --- that's the school where Mark Rutland (AG background) is Dean or Chancellor or President, or something like that, right - ??? If so, I've heard excellent things about that school.

God's Blessings,

Todd Nelson said...

Thanks, Jonathan, for the congrats to Abby. I'll pass them on.

I heard Mark Rutland speak many years ago at a James Robison Bible conference in Dallas (along with Jack Hayford, ca. 1993.) I was impressed then and am glad that Abby has chosen this school where he is president now. He was pastor of Calvary Assembly in Orlando before this. And I believe he was a Methodist missionary sometime before that. Dr Rutland has really turned things around at Southeastern -- from decline to excellence in many areas. I believe Abby will have a great time spiritually and academically at SU.

Take care, Jonathan; and thanks for commenting.

Jonathan said...


Yeah, I've heard the same things about the Rev. Rutland that you have. Its a great choice, spiritually, and Rev. Rutland DID do a great job with Calvary AG in Florida, which Pastor George Cope has now. Both are excellent spiritual leaders. I know that he does stress excellence, which is good, and that they have been experiencing revival at Southeastern. So, yes, Abby has made a good choice where to go for her college education.


Anonymous said...

Pr Todd,

Please send all my best wishes and congrats to Abby for her all but excellent score of the SAT and going to varsity of her choice. You and Aunt Jenny have more thing to proud of. Praise be the Lord.


Jeffcoat House said...

Southeastern and NOT CIU?!??! What?!? J/k. Abby, Congrats! We wish you many blessings!