Monday, March 26, 2007

New Location for The Bridge

On Easter Sunday we plan to celebrate New Life and a new location for our church. Renovations on the office and Sunday School/seminar space started last week and are supposed to take only ten days. We believe we'll be ready by Easter Sunday for the service in the large hall on the ground floor and for Sunday School space at our 7th floor location. After that, we'll begin to settle into our new office space. We're in the process now of choosing paint, carpets, furnishings, etc. A busy time.

Please pray with us that we will honor the Lord with our worship and reach many people with the Good News of His love and power to change their lives. My message will be "Come Alive!: to a Better Way of Living".

With this post are a couple more photos. The main hall and front entrance are pictured below in the Jan 8 post.


Gene Brooks said...

Congrats on the new location. Is this upstairs at the Chamber of Commerce? You've got a lot of work to do now, and no more office in the house, huh?

So when are you hiring a teaching/discipleship/missions pastor?

Todd Nelson said...

Hey bro,

Thanks! Yes, we'll be renting the hall on the ground floor (capacity 500+) for Sunday morning worship only, then the top floor area (2800 sq ft) in the same building for office, Sunday School (children & youth only), Alpha Course & seminars (75+ max), prayer meetings, music rehearsals, etc. There is other space we can rent on the same floor on a per function basis, if needed. But this at least allows us our own space 24/7, which we've never had except for office space.

BTW, the building is also home to the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Finland, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. The Russian embassy is directly across the street. The British High Commission and French and American embassies are just down the street. Can you tell that we're basically on embassy row?! Yay, God!(Planned Parenthood has their SE Asia & Oceania HQ next to the Chinese Chamber bldg as well. So lots of ministry opportunities in store!)

Teaching/discipleship/missions pastor, huh? When do you finish this round of seminary? ;-)

Actually, our greatest need right now is a music & worship ministry leader/pastor -- maybe part-time to start. And THEN a small groups/ missions pastor.

All in God's good time ... :-)