Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back Home in KL

After a week in Texas and two weeks in the SE, I'm back home in KL. Got home at 2:00 am Saturday morning after 33 hours of traveling. Went to bed at 4:00 am and slept til 2:30 Saturday afternoon! But then I got sleepy working on my sermon and napped from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Now I've been up since then! Maybe I'll be back in sync after tonight.

It was great to be back at The Bridge this morning. We had a full house at church including many visitors. (One couple came back for a second visit after last week. They are former staff members from Willow Creek Church in Chicago, now here in KL 'cause he's working for Caterpillar. Greg is a sound technician and his wife is a worship leader. Thank you, Lord!)

Jeni and the girls will return to KL on Monday night, 10 July.

I had lunch today with three other "bachelors" whose wives are in their home states/countries: Randy Fletcher (Ohio), Dale Coleman (Texas), and Oh Won Yong (Korea).

Abby got her learner's driving permit on Friday, June 30! Yeah! She's been driving around south Georgia since then. Next summer she'll get the real deal before she starts college -- wherever that will be.

Jeni speaks at Okapilco Baptist Church this Sunday morning in Brooks County, GA. (I know you'll do great, honey; the people love you! -- and so do I! We prayed for you today in our church service here.)

We had a wonderful time on our travels. Thanks Colemans, Wombles, and Tuckers for your hospitality in Texas! And thanks, Halls and Harwells, for the use of your minivans.

On our Sundays away, we got to visit Bannockburn Baptist Church in Austin, North Point Church in Atlanta, and Tampa Baptist Church in Florida. We also visited Columbia International Univeristy in SC, and Southeastern Univeristy in Lakeland, FL for Abby to see the campuses and meet people one last time before decision-making time. Once SAT scores come back and financial aid and scholarship applications are answered, then she'll be ready to choose where to continue her education.

Dad and Liz, Mom and Russ, we enjoyed our time with you all. It's never quite long enough; but one day, Lord willing, we'll be closer.

Next year we expect to come in July, and I will stay longer to get Abby settled in her college dorm. Jeni and Sarah will have to be back in KL to start school in early August, whereas Abby won't start til late August.

I'm off to nap just a little bit before dinner. Starting to droop at the keyboard ...



Gene Brooks said...

Glad you made it home safely. Sorry we did not get to see you all. Please keep in touch. Thanks for the safe driving warning for South Georgia!

Todd Nelson said...


Yes, sorry we didn't hook up. One of these years ... :-) BTW, say hello to Alvin Reid for me at Southeastern Seminary. He may not remember me by name only, but we were in PhD seminars together (like Roy Fish's History of Spiritual Awakenings, 1988-89). I linked to his blog from Marty Duren's yesterday. Will say 'hello' for myself one of these days.

Blessings on your clan and your flock!


Gene Brooks said...

Write in your blog, buddy. Catch us up.

A 10-40 Window Missionary said...


Sorry I missed you in Texas...Maybe next summer, we can hook up.

Enjoy your blogs and comments on other blogs.

Todd Nelson said...

Dear 10-40 Window Missionary,

It sounds like you are my old friend from seminary days who's been serving in a restricted access country for many years. True? (If so, I didn't know your blog name, but now I do!) Or are you a new friend that I haven't met in person yet? :)