Friday, June 02, 2006

In the Air and on the Road Again

We're flying out of Malaysia on June 10 for our annual home leave to the USA. Here's our itinerary.

June 10-13, arrive at DFW, 10:05 am, borrow van from Hall family, leave Sarah with her friend Kelly, and drive down to Austin with Abby to see the Coleman and Franz families.

June 13-15, head to Houston to see the Womble family and baptize their daughter, Katie, on Wed evening! :-)

June 15-17, drive back up to Dallas/Ft Worth, Abby stays with Leanne, Sarah still with Kelly.

June 17-20, all fly to Atlanta to visit the Harwells; spend Monday in Buford on Lake Lanier with Capes family (Todd's long time friend from school days); and Columbia, SC for Abby to visit Columbia International University.

June 21-26, drive down to Tampa and surrounding area to be with Todd's family (Todd stays until 29th and flies straight back to KL thru Atlanta & Seoul, arriving on the 30th.)

June 26 - July 9, Jeni and girls are in Brooks Co, GA and Jacksonville, FL with Jeni's family. (Todd is in KL from June 30 onwards; girls arrive back in KL on July 10.)

Jeni and I may get some time to walk the campus of Southwestern Baptist Seminary where we remet in 1983, fell in love, semi-eloped, lived in student housing, and had Abby.

We leave The Bridge in good hands with elders, admin team, assoc pastor, and ministry leaders who I know will keep things running smoothly. Thanks, Michael, Charlie, Diana, Lisa, Glenn, Guan Lye, Joo Din, Diane, Joseph, Rachel, Irene, and Derrick! Sharon and Mike, enjoy your summer vacation. Hilton and Lena, have a great time in South Africa! See you all in July. Matti and Riitta, you're leaving a big hole to fill! God guide you to a new church family in Dubai. Dave and Jan, thanks for the dedicated work with children. May the Lord guide you, too, as you settle in Saigon. And Tope, I know you're looking forward to taking the kids and joining up with Kayode in Glasgow! God bless you all!

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