Monday, January 07, 2008

Holiday Happenings, New Year Blessing

It's been a busy holiday time for the Nelsons and The Bridge. After our Christmas Day service at church, Jeni, Sarah, and I took off for a few days of vacation to Langkawi, an island off the northwestern coast of Malaysia near Thailand. Meanwhile, Abby has been using her school break to meet up with family in Florida and old friends in Columbia, SC and Dallas, TX (where she saw her first pro basketball game: Dallas Mavericks vs. Atlanta Hawks--she's a Mavs fan).

We had a wonderful gathering with the church on New Year's Eve. We sang praises and gave testimonies; and we watched an inspirational film, Facing the Giants, a movie professionally made and distributed by a Baptist church in Albany, Georgia, USA. Written, directed, and acted by church members, the film is inspiring. And the story behind the making of the film is equally inspirational. On a side note, the comment from many of our church members was, "They all talk like Jeni!" And we explained, "Well, that's the area of the US where she comes from." :-)

Jeni and Sarah started back to school today, so we're back to our weekly routines. We've committed to each other to add a new habit to our schedules. We plan to exercise together on MWF from 4:30 to 5:30 at the high school. We hope to be able to use the weight room and track. (The pool, unfortunately for us, will be in use by the swim team.) But it'll be good to do something like this together as a family. Of the three of us, I need it most.

I have also started a new system for personal organization. Over the holidays, I read the popular book Getting Things Done by David Allen. I've been needing and wanting to get better organized with both my personal and professional life. It's a work in progress, but now I have a loose-leaf binder with several tabs to organize my calendar, to do list, projects list, agenda and minutes from meetings, reading and reference material, etc. The key concept to this system is to get things out of your head and captured in a trustworthy system with specific action steps. Naturally, note-making, lists, and filing are important features of the system. Perhaps in six months, I'll give an update on my progress. Or better, I'll ask Jeni to report here for me. :-)

Yesterday in church I spoke on "Changing, Growing Together in 2008". It is my deep desire and prayer that this year we all will grow closer in intimacy with Jesus, in community with fellow believers, and in influence with "pre-believers" (non-Christians now who will, in the afterlife, confess that Jesus is Lord, but then it will be too late!)

May His grace, guidance, provision, and peace be yours in abundance in 2008.

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