Friday, January 12, 2007

GATOR RAID! Gators dominate Buckeyes to win college football title

The Florida Gators, my alma mater, shocked the college football world by running away with the national championship game Monday night in Phoenix, Arizona. They ran over, around, and through the Ohio State Buckeyes, 41-14. In winning this game, they did something never done before in US major college history. They captured both the men’s basketball title and the football title in the same year. It’s doubly great to be a Florida Gator!

I just wish I could have watched the game or listened on radio. Alas, no coverage here on our SE Asia satellite TV system! And no radio broadcast that I could find and listen to on the internet. Instead, I had to monitor the play-by-play on Yahoo Sports. At least I got live updates every 30 seconds in real time on my laptop Tuesday morning Malaysia time (we’re 13 hours ahead of US Eastern time.)

Year 2006 is the 100-year anniversary of Florida football. What an appropriate time to pull off one of the greatest upsets of the century. Exactly ten years ago under Coach Steve Spurrier, they won their first national football championship with a rout of arch rival and Number 1-ranked Florida State (Jeni’s former school!).Now under coach Urban Meyer a decade later, the Gators again dominated another undefeated team and brought home another trophy. Football and basketball champs in 2006. Go Gators!


Anonymous said...

gators are worthless reptiles. Arrogant gators are even worse.

Todd Nelson said...

Dear anonymous, are you a Buckeye fan? Wolverine fan? Or just a Gator hater? :-) --TN